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Investment Advisory & Wealth

Global Wealth Portfolios | Wealth Management | Model Portfolios

We build and manage institutional-quality, customized multi-asset class strategies of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) that are globally allocated, broadly diversified, liquid and transparent and ultra-low-cost. Tailored to your unique return and risk preferences for advisory clients, these portfolios scale efficiently from small to very large. Implemented within a Wealth Management service for private clients. Available as Model Portfolios for Small Institutions, Family Offices and RIAs.

Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO)

For institutions and family offices that chooses not to maintain and finance an in-house investment staff and would rather not have to interface with numerous vendors, custodians, managers, consultants and others. Our Global Wealth Portfolios (see above) are available as stand-alone, holistic, institutional quality, fiduciary investment portfolios.

The structurALPHA Strategies

Rules-based option hedging protocol strategies that track to Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) Hedged Benchmarks. These strategies enhance returns, increase income, limit risk and provide positive return and market capture asymmetry. Suitable as discrete stand-alone strategies or as an allocation within a broader allocation, such as our Global Wealth Portfolios.

Defined Contribution Consulting

Consulting plan sponsors, trustees and participants regarding vendors, products, asset classes, individual funds and costs. Participant specific advice regarding selections, asset allocation, risk management, funding levels, etc.

Derivative Consulting

For local municipalities and other entities seeking to finance a project and considering entering into a derivative transaction marketed by a Wall Street firm to hedge a risk, we offer an independent second opinion as to the risk, reward and cost characteristics of the transaction and as to whether the transaction will in fact accomplish what your entity requires.

Clothier Springs Capital Partners LLC
Clothier Springs Real Estate Income Partners LLC

Two partnerships for direct investment in private real estate equity and debt for accredited and institutional investors seeking the superior structural returns and income available from private lending, value-added activities, developer profits, prudent leverage and capturing the illiquidity premium, backed by tangible real assets.