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Private Investors

- Are you still paying 1.0% or more for wealth management?
- Are you taking advantage of global markets to enhance returns and reduce risk?
- Does your portfolio benefit from a methodical hedge that enhances returns while mitigating risk?
- Does your advisor provide access to private markets deals that capture excess returns?
- Are you getting the advice, answers, outcome and communications from your advisor that you need?

Investment theory, best practices and business models are constantly evolving. If your advisor is not keeping up, you are paying too much, accepting lower returns and/or greater risk.

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Institutional Investors

- Still chasing and paying for active management?
- Is your allocation as global and diversification as broad as it should be for optimal portfolio efficiency?
- Does your portfolio have a sub-optimal home country bias?
- Are you dealing with and paying for too many vendors? Do they accept fiduciary responsibility?
- Are you (over)invested in expensive and underproductive alternative investments?

Trustees, board members and plan sponsors have serious responsibilities: maximize returns, manage risks and limit costs for better outcomes.

Are you fulfilling your responsibilities?

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- Would your clients benefit from including a low-cost, liquid and transparent rules-based hedged equity strategy with superior, asymmetric return and risk characteristics in their asset allocation?
- Would you like to add a low-cost Managed ETF strategy—that includes our rules-based hedge—to your client portfolios?
- Would your client portfolios benefit from the methodical collection of the short option premium time decay (theta) and negatively-correlated short volatility factors?
- Would you like to have your client portfolios earn the structural alpha these simple, low-cost hedged strategies deliver?

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